Postgrad Projects

Master Projects

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PhD Projects

The examples of subjects of potential projects include (but are not limited to):

  • discovery of novel enzymes of industrial relevance from extremophilic microorganisms and their communities;
  • cultivation of extremophilic (e.g. hyperacidophilic) archaea;
  • microbiology of petroleum degradation in marine environments: cultivation and OMICS studies);
  • applications of marine oil-degrading bacteria (enzymes, surfactants, biopolymers, osmolytes);
  • culture-independent (metagenomic) analysis of taxonomic composition and functional potential of microbial communities;
  • investigation of the role of marine microorganisms and their enzymes in the fate of synthetic polyester plastics;
  • application of metabolomics technologies to enzyme discovery (general principles, sample preparation, targeted and discovery mode LC-MS analysis of complex metabolite mixtures and data analysis (bioinformatics).