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Marco Distaso
Postdoctoral Research Officer
Thoday S26
Marco Distaso is a Postdoctoral Research Officer at the Centre for Environmental Biotechnology (CEB) at Bangor University (Wales). He obtained a master degree in Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Bari in Italy. He has been working since 2014 at Bangor University as Research Technician in the research group of Prof. Peter Golyshin. He completed his PhD in 2019 working on the Innovate UK-funded project “Biotechnology for anti-weeds”, which aimed to establish the enzymatic synthesis of a natural herbicide for efficient weed control. His activities focus on metagenomics of extreme environments for mining novel enzymatic diversity, characterisation and improvement of microbial enzymes of industrial relevance. Marco is also currently involved in the co-funded NERC project “Plastic vectors”.